Reliability welds together.


As a welding shop, we specialize in large and particularly heavy machines. Machinery parts we repair are often so large and heavy that transport is usually economically impossible.


In such cases, we bring our equipment to the customer and carry out the repairs on the spot. Elaborate dismantling is avoided. With our flexible availability and professional equipment, we reduce machine and production downtime to a minimum. This significantly reduces the cost to the customer.


Of course, we also repair and weld parts of up to approx. 20 tons in weight, which can be transported without problems, to our plant in Wiehl.

We attach great importance to close cooperation and the „professional proximity“ to the customer. This ensures smooth workflows and allows us to take special consideration of the wishes of our customers.

Our goal is always to help and advise the customer and to offer a perfect service - on site or within our company, with a team that understands their trade.

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